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  MANUAL > Creating a character

  Chapters: How to Play
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Main interface and Controls | The Prison and your Inmates | Main Action Buttons
The Chat System and Contact List | Character Profile | Your inventory and Locker
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Once you launch the game, the main menu appears:

CONNECT: You'll go to the login screen once you accept our Terms of Service.

    OPTIONS: The default options will do nice for most computers (all options ON).

    The PrisonServer credits.

        QUIT: Exit the program and return to windows.

            THE LOGIN SCREEN

          You need a game account to enter the game (a login and a password). You can leave blank the security PIN if you haven't one. Learn more about Premium Accounts on "manage account" section of the website.

          If you get logged, the "choose character screen" will appear, showing the characters that were created within that account.

          If the login process fails, there are several possible reasons for it and the game will show a message pointing out the reason. It can be one of these:

          a) The login, password and / or security PIN are incorrect. (You can leave blank the PIN if you haven't one). Check your spelling, uppercase and the usual. Then try again. Please note that the game will only accept accounts created from the official English page at PrisonServer.co.uk

          b) There is something that blocks the connection. The game servers or your account may be under manteinance (patching, updating or something). You can try again later or, if you're sure the game servers cannot be under manteinance (check the website), then it may be just a firewall or anti-virus blocking your connection. Solve this problem disconnecting that software and try again.

          c) The game account has an expired subscription. So to be able to play you'll need to pay for a subscription plan. You can check your payment options from the "Manage account" section of the website.

          d) Some character on the attempted account has been banned from the server for breaking our Rules or Terms of Service. This can be temporary and the game will tell you how many time is left for the punishment to expire.

          e) Some character on the attempted account is being transferred to another prison, another account or his nick being changed. You'll have to wait at least 3 minutes for the server to synchronize. Try again later.


          The first time you enter your game account, there are no characters, so you can only create one. Each account comes with three (3) free slots. Click on the desired free slot (the first is selected by default) to highlight it and then click on the CREATE NEW button to begin the character creation process.

          Once you have one or more characters, you'll be able to select them (or a free slot) clicking the desired slot. The selected slot will be highlighted and you'll be able to click on the ENTER THE PRISON button (right bottom corner of the screen), or the CREATE NEW button if it was a free slot.

          Once you click the ENTER THE PRISON button, the process to enter the game will begin for that character.

            "CREATE NEW" BUTTON

          Click this button to create a new character on the selected free slot. The whole process is discussed below.

            "DESTROY" BUTTON

          In order to effectively destroy a character, you must:

          1) Highlight the desired character slot by clicking it.
          2) Press and hold the CONTROL key.
          3) Click on the DESTROY button using your mouse.
          4) Confirm the action on the requester window that will appear.

            "RESTORE" BUTTON

          It is possible to RESTORE a destroyed character. You have to highlight a free character slot in order to being able to click the RESTORE button.

          You can read more about this on the Addendum: Character trashcan.

            "NEWS" BUTTON

          Clicking this button will show you the latest game updates applied. Please note that could be more recent announcements in the website that are not put on this news.

          This news window will automatically appear after an update or patch that has been just applied and there is an updated news archive.


          When you press the Enter the Prison button, the process to enter the game using the selected character will begin.

          If you cannot click on this button, your prison may be under heavy manteinance or you have just entered the game after a patch. In that case please just wait a moment. The button will be available soon.


          After clicking the CREATE NEW button, you have to follow these steps to create a new character:

            SELECT PRISON

          Select which prison you want your character to be created. Once you're sure, press the CONTINUE button.

          If it's your first time, we recommend you selecting the prison where you see the lesser amount of characters created. That means that is the more recently opened prison, so it's fresher. If you want a more 'vicious' prison, probably fully loaded with a lot of high level characters, choose any other prison.

          You can also choose your cell block. There are four (4) cell blocks, each one with four wings, and probably you want to select the same block as other friends (as you want to go to the same Prison!). We usually recomment the cell block number three (3), since is the nearest block to several 'central points' of the Prison (central kitchen, central dinning room, etc).


          Define a basic aspect for your character in this simple aspect editor. You can choose male or female, and change several types of skin, hairstyle, color, complexions...

          Don't worry: your character aspect won't impact anything in the game but your running capabilities. A taller character will run faster.

          Later in the game you can change your aspect using shirts and pants. You'll also be able to dye your hair, dye shirts, pants, or even use special gang shirts. Your gang leader can set a "gang uniform", althought is not mandatory. There are some other surprises too.


          In this screen you must distribute 10 points among your stats, choose a nickname for your character, and also choose your offence. Your offence determines your character's initial stats and your skills. They will impact some of the stuff you'll be able to do or  how better you'll do that stuff. Some skills are common to several or all other offences, but there are other skills that can be exclusive for the offence that you select.

          We're going to guide you through every aspect of this process:

          • Offence: it's the first thing you must choose to see how an offence changes the the initial stats and the skills you'll have.
          There are 10 offences to choose for your character and you cannot change it later. The easier offence to play is the Mercenary. The hardest is the Corrupted politician, but every offence has its own unique capabilities. That makes a difference on gang wars or collaborating with other players.

          See the Addendum: Offences to get a detailed showcase of every available offence, skills and unique capabilities.

          • Initial stats: they change as you select your offence. In order to complete the character creation process, you have to distribute the 10 extra points you're given. The stats you really need to put points at are flashing in this screen for every different offence, as they can change.
          See the Addendum: Character Stats to get a detailed explanation for each stat. This information extends the short description that you have in this screen.

          You'll be given one (1) extra stats point when you raise an experience level. (See the Addendum: Experience and Level).

          If you distribute your points and select another offence, your changes get lost and you'll need to distribute your 10 extra points again.

          • Nick: type here the nickname for your character. You can only use letters, numbers and two symbols: _  and ^. No spaces allowed.

            You cannot choose an already used nickname.

          Please check our Terms of Service about nickname policies. You can create a character using a nickname that breaks the rules, but GameMasters can change it without prior notice anytime and you really don't want to harass the GameMasters. Please use common sense.

          • Skills: they change as you select your offence, just like the initial stats. Skills have an initial points amount and a maximum. Your maximum points amount for each skill will impact on how good you'll be using that skill.

          You'll be given several extra skills points when you raise an experience level (see the Addendum: Experience and Level) that you must distribute as you wish. Please note that some skills cannot be leveled up just distributing points: trade-skills need that you manufacture some objects in order to gain points. Weapon skills need that you use those type of weapons in order to improve over time.

          Some skills are marked with a "Level". That means you'll need to TRAIN this skill in order to use it and begin to improve it. See the Addendum: Character Skills for a detailed description of all character skills, including how to use them. This information extends the short description that you have in this screen.

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