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  Chapters: How to Play
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You will enter the fight screen whenever you start a fight, join an already running fight by right clicking on it, or when someone attacks you (a NPC or another player if you refused the Shelter of the Guards already).


When you defeat a NPC in a fight, you can loot the corpse for the bounty. To loot a corpse just point at it and click. See Addendum: Looting corpses.



Screen borders

To rotate the camera around the fight just move the mouse pointer to the screen border and the whole combat scene will rotate.

Right click

ENABLE/DISABLE THE ICON WHEEL: When you are in your turn time, just right click anywhere on the screen to show/hide the icon wheel, also named the "combat action wheel".

Left click

SELECT ICON: Click on an icon in the combat action wheel to choose the action you want to do. If you choose a weapon to attack, the wheel will hide automatically so you can hit your target.

ATTACK / USE AN ITEM ON OTHER CHARACTERS: Just click on the character in the enemy side that you want to attack, if you selected a weapon or some kind of offensive action, or click on another player in your side of the fight, if you selected a defensive/helping action. When the action is done, your attack actions counter will decrease by one.

Mouse wheel

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out, or if you don't have mouse wheel use the '+' and '-' in the keyboard's keypad.

Put the mouse pointer inside the chat console and use the mouse wheel to scroll up/down the console's content. You can use the up/down arrows around the scroll bar at the rightmost side of the console, or use directly the scroll bar by clicking on it and dragging it up/down.

Besides the normal keys that you can use in the console chat to type-in textx, there are special keyboard shortcuts for the combat.

  • TAB (tabulator) : Displays/hides all the fighter's names. When the names are hidden, only your own name and the name of the character that has the turn in this moment are displayed.

  • CONTROL + R : Just like the the "redo" icon in the actions wheel, or the /redo command, this shortcut repeats the attacks and actions you did last time you had the turn.

  • '+' y '-' in the keypad : Zooms in/out the camera in the combat screen. You an also use the mouse wheel for that.


WEAPONS: Another wheel with all the "useable" weapons you are carrying will be show for you to select the weapon you want to use. The icon's brackground will be red if taht weapon can't be used because you have not enough action points left, or you have no mor ammunition for that weapon. Any weapons you carry impossible to use for you, because they are for other offences, or you don't have enough level to use them, etc, won't be listed in the weapons wheel.

END OF TURN: Finishes your turn of actions, if you already did all the actions you wanted. The game will finish the turn automatically if you run out of action points or when "redoing".

SPECIALS: Another wheel with several special skills/actions is displayed. Those actions are: Disarm, Escape, Taunt, Sudden Hit and Reserve Action Points. If the background of the action is in color red you can't do that action in that moment for any reason (you haven't the skill, you have no more attack actions, etc).

FIRST AID: If your character has this skill, all "useable" medicines and chemical sprays you are carrying will be listen in the wheel. Any spray/medicine with a red background can't be used because of any reason (not enough A.P. available, no more chemical charges, etc). Once you select one, just like the weapons wheel, the wheel will be hidden so you can select your target.

The "first aid" skill gives bonuses to the amount of healing for a given medicine/spray. That's why it is very important to use skill points in this skill to have it maxxed all the time.

REDO: Repeats the actions you did in the last turn, finishing the turn automatically after that. Anyway, there is a special case, when a DOUBLE TURN is achieved, that the turn won't be finished automatically, so you can make use of the extra attacks/action points, or simply to hit REDO again.


When accesing the "specials" category, we'll can perform these actions, unless our character is unable to perform them.

ESCAPE: You can only try to escape only right at the beginning of your turn. If you do any action in your turn, you won't be able to select this option, and the button's background will be red. When you try to escape, the turn is finished automatically and a "escaping" icon if displayed at the left side of the screen. You will be able to escape successfully only if nobody attacks you during the whole round, so when you get the turn again you will leave the combat.

The characters with EVADE skill have a 50% chance of successfully escaping even if they are hit by someone during the round (see Appendix: Character skills).

DISARM: If your character has this skill, you can then select a target to be disarmed. If the action is successful the enemy you selected will be disarmed, so in the next turn he will only be a ble to use the fists to attack (martial arts).

Characters with DISARM skill, and Mercenaries, can never be disarmed.

SUDDEN HIT: With this skills you can try a special attack that use all the Action Points you have with a single weapon, multiplying the damage dealt by that weapon.

To make a sudden hit you must do a special sequence of actions: first, finish a whole turn without doing any action at all. You simply must discard that whole turn. Second, wait for the next turn. If during the round nobody hits you then the Sudden Hit button will be enabled, so you can try the special attack. See Addendum: Character Skills for more details about this skill.

RESERVE A.P.: You can reserve the action point you didn't spend in this turn for the next turn, so you will have more action points for combat actions. If you use this option, the turn will be finished automatically.

TAUNT: When several players are fighting against bots (NPCs), use the taunt skill  to try to attract the attention of a NPC so it will attack you instead of another fighter in your side. Select this option and then click on the enemy you want to taunt and, if the action is successful, the NPC will be mad at you when it has the turn.

The bots (NPCs) can become really angry about a player that dropped a bomb on them, used successfully the sudden hit skill, or attacked with a weapon with a RAGE bonus.

  Chapters: How to Play
Stay tuned for new sections added!
Main interface and Controls | The Prison and your Inmates | Main Action Buttons
The Chat System and Contact List | Character Profile | Your inventory and Locker
The Prison Gangs | The Fight Screen | ADDENDUMS

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