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You can download the game client for free, from our DOWNLOAD section.

If you use our download manager, the installation process will begin automatically and you'll end up tipically with the game installed on a hard drive folder depending on your windows version:

In Windows XP, PrisonServer gets tipically installed in this folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\PrisonServer
(where "Username" your Windows name)

In Windows Vista, PrisonServer gets tipically installed in this folder:

In Windows 95/98/Me, PrisonServer gets tipically installed in this folder:
C:\Program Files\PrisonServer


In order to play PrisonServer you need a game account. You can create a free game account here. Your account stores your game characters, so you want to keep it safe. It also keeps control of your current subscription (fee to pay in order to keep playing after your free period expires).


Free accounts are not given a serial number by default. You can contact support to assign your account a serial number for added security. (In case your password is lost, you can recover it using that serial number).

Usually, accounts created using a serial number get some benefits such a free initial subscription. Since the English PrisonServer is not available for retail stores yet, all your accounts are free accounts.


The Updates Client

If you run the game using the default desktop icon or your Windows Start button, you have to go through the Updates Client first. This program automatically checks for patches and applies them to the game. Patches are mandatory.

Once the updates check has finished, you can play using the PLAY button to run the game.

If you want to bypass the updates check, you can directly run the "Carcelclient" program on your game folder. The login screen will check for updates too, and since they are mandatory, you won't be able to play until your run the Updates Client (PrisonServer icon) and so the game gets properly patched.

Executing the game

Once you passed the update process and the game gets executed, the PrisonServer main menu will show up:

PrisonServer: The Online Prison Game       ?  PRIVACY  ?  LEGAL  ?   COMPANY  ?  CONTACT