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Feb. 7, 2009

We've finished the English Open Test, so no new accounts are allowed and existing ones we'll be expiring.

There are plans to fully merge the English & Spanish system (here) at some moment in 2009 in order to let players from all over the world play toghether (that means that you'll be able to choose language and connect to global servers, instead of separate systems).

If you want to be notified when this occurs, please add yourself and confirm subscription to our notify-only mailing list:

Thank you for your comments & thoughts about the game during this phase.

--The PrisonServer Team



Light System Requirements!

PC Windows 95 / 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Doesn't require admin privileges
Requires an internet connection to play
Minimum CPU: Pentium II 233 mhz.
Notebooks and EeePCs welcome!
Requires just 128 MB of RAM memory. Recomm. 256
Works with old 3D graphic cards (8 MB VRAM min.)
Recommended: A recent low-cost 3D graphic card.
SoundBlaster compatible soundcard.

WHAT IS PRISONSERVER?                             

Your first day in a crazy, maximum security prison is about to start! Forget swords and wizardry! This new online game is about FUN on the present-time!

The game is played exclusively over the Internet with other real players from all over the world. Combines classic online RPG gameplay and unique feaures. Turn-based combat.

Make your way from just a rookie to gang leader or boss, meet new friends and get a life while becoming stronger to gain real respect!

Players unite, collaborate & fight creating their own gangs and ranks within the prison confinements. Sooner or later you'll go Player versus Player forever. You can decide when or begin your character in a forced PvP server.

Superior proven CHAT system, including +500 beautiful emoticons, multiple channels, colors, console, a full character set and more!

+2500 items on weapons (bladed, blunt & distance), 7 types of armors, shirts & pants, chemical sprays, food, medicines, ammo, books, special items, bags, combiners and bombs.

+1600 non-player characters, 10 offences to choose, 42 skills to master, character customization...

Muffins? No! Hotdogs and chicken fingers. Make someone cook for you. Master the oven, the pot or the frying pan. Or teach yourself to sew, or some chemistry, or mechanics.

Stay away from Carlito. They say he's not human and you'll only defeat him when your gang is prepared to. You'll also learn jewelry, a secret to improve weapons and armor that you must find in the forests that surround the prison.

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