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  MANUAL > How to play > Main interface, controls and actions

  Chapters: How to Play
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Main interface and Controls | The Prison and your Inmates | Main Action Buttons
The Chat System and Contact List | Character Profile | Your inventory and Locker
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  Left mouse button click

It's easy to move your character around: to walk anywhere just click with your mouse where you want to go. If you want to go running, just double click there. This running stuff applies to most actions.

When moving the mouse pointer, it can change to any of those arrows. That  is telling you that the current camera view will change if you walk or run there.

Click a door when you see the 'door icon'. You'll see the zone name where that door sends you. If you're crossing a map cell by crossing that door, you'll also see the direction where you'll go (North, etc). Just double click a door to go running.

Is somebody blocking a door? Press and hold the SHIFT key to be able to click on the door and cross it.

Press any of the red, main action icons: your mouse pointer will change to that action. Then usually you have to left click on the target player or the target Non-Player Character. For example, this allows you to start an 'item exchange' with other player or start a fight. If you want to go running to perform that action, double click on the target character.

To cancel the selected action and restore your mouse icon for walk, for example, then click your right mouse button.

Just double click an item on your inventory to wear it (i.e. armor), eat or drink your food and even read it (if it's a book or something). You cannot use every item directly from your inventory. Weapons and other items are used from "the fight screen".

You'll see this mouse icon when placing your mouse over a Non-Player Character that have something to say or trade to you. Just click, and your character will go walking. To go running, just double click.

This mouse 'hand icon' will appear when you can search on that particular spot. For example, you can pick up potatoes from sacks in the kitchen, search for books in libraries or find stinky, broken socks and other disgusting items in the laundry, but hey, you could need that.

This mouse icon appears when you can do something with that over your mouse. For example, cook using the oven or cutting a wire from somewhere using the appropiate tools.


When you win a fight, you can loot the non-player characters corpses and pick up the bounty. Just click on the corpse and the loot window will open. From there you'll can pick up whatever that poor soul carried. To pick up something just click on it. In this window you can also LEAVE something on the corpse or press the GANG button to automatically say to your gang what items are left in the corpse.

You'll use drag & drop with your mouse when resizing your global chat window. Just drag it using the white Chat button. You can also move a lot of game windows just by dragging them with your mouse.

  Right mouse button click

JOIN A "PARTY": When there is an action that involves two or more players, that action is seen as the two main characters doing that action. For example a fight, a trade, a raffle or just a chess game. Press you right mouse button over this special characters to bring up the "join window". You cannot join an action that is for two players only (a duel, or a trade for example).

When using your main action icons (fight, steal, talk to...), you may want to cancel your selection and say, need to walk again. Then just press your right mouse button to cancel your action mouse icon and it's done.

If you clicked somehing and your character is still going there to perform that action (walking or running), you can discard that action just pressing your right mouse button on a free screen spot and your character will stop immediately.

Press your right mouse button over the up & down arrows to go fast to the first or last row of any list or chat view.

Mouse wheel

First put your mouse over the chat view or a list, and use your mouse wheel to easily scroll it.


When you face the "amount selection window", put your mouse over it and you can also use your mouse wheel to select a quantity. This complements the fact that you can just type the quantity using your keyboard, or clicking the '+' and '-' buttons using your mouse.

When you're in the fight screen, use the mouse wheel to zoom in / out the camera. You can also do this using the '+' and '-' keys from your numeric keypad.


You can use this list of keys when you are in the MAIN GAME SCREEN or in the FIGHT SCREEN.

The 'plus' symbol (+) means it's a two key combination and you need to press and hold the first key, then press the second key and unhold both keys. (For example: CONTROL + G means press and hold CONTROL, then press G and unhold both keys).

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are other specific keyboard controls for the Chat System and the game windows system in general. Please see that controls in this section of the manual: "The Chat System and your Contact List".

  • SHIFT : Use the SHIFT key to upcase your writings or hold SHIFT to be able to cross a door that is blocked by somebody in front of it.

  • CONTROL + 1 : Shortcut to show or hide the  Character profile and inventory.
  • CONTROL + 2 : Shortcut to show or hide the list of players in this zone.

  • ASTERISK '*' (keypad): Shortcut to make a screenshot. Same as command /screenshot. Screenshots are saved in JPG format, in the game folder (usually C:\PrisonServer).

  • TAB (tabulator) : It has several uses:
  • In the fight screen, press TAB to show or hide all the fighter names. When hidden, the game will only show your name and the name of the player who the combat-turn is.
  • When you're in a private chat window, press TAB to switch between the private window or the global chat window (to being able to type there).
  • ESC (ESCAPE) : It has several uses:
  • In the main game screen, press ESC to gracefully exit the game. You'll have to wait 20 seconds.
  • In some windows, i.e. private chat window and others, usually you can rapidly close that window by pressing ESC.
  • When you started to steal or searching some zone spot, press ESC to cancel and you haven't to wait for the bar to fill up.

    It's important to gracefully exit the game using ESC and waiting 20 seconds. This makes sure your character status has been saved (items, health, experience...). If you don't, you can lose items or experience that you could have gained just before an abnormal disconnection. Your character status is saved when the game tells you so via a system message every few minutes, also when you cross doors and when you gracefully exit  the game as explained, using the ESC key.

  • CONTROL + R : When you're in the fight screen, it's the same as command /redo, that is REDO A TURN. You can also select this option using the combat actions wheel.
  • CONTROL + N : Open the Notebook (same as command /note without parameters)

    • Keys F1 to F12 : Automatically type  whatever that was configured using the command /setacckey, for example /setacckey F12 hello .

      Keys SHIFT + F1 to F12 : Automatically type  whatever that was configured using the command /setacckey, for example /setacckey SF12 hello my gang!

      You can see more about this command in this section: "The Chat System and your contact list".

    Other keyboard shortcuts are easily discovered ingame, such the ones that shortcut the main actions.

      Chapters: How to Play
    Stay tuned for new sections added!
    Main interface and Controls | The Prison and your Inmates | Main Action Buttons
    The Chat System and Contact List | Character Profile | Your inventory and Locker
    The Prison Gangs | The Fight Screen | ADDENDUMS

      MANUAL > How to play > Main interface, controls and actions

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