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  Chapters: How to Play
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Left clicking

The inventory of items you are carrying is in the character profile. If it is not unfolded, just click on the button at the top left corner of the screen or press CONTROL + 1 on the keyboard.

You can use some kinds of items directly from the inventory by doble clicking on them. For example, you can eat food to recover your life bar. In this case, an amount selection window will pop up so you can select how many items of that kind you want to use.

If an item is readable, you can read it this way, so it will open a window in the middle of the screen to display the content. Othe items, like the chemistry kit, will open a completely different screen to combite and operate with it.

Right clicking
You can destroy items in your inventory by right clicking on them. An amount selection window will open so you can enter the number of items you want to destroy.

Mouse wheel

With the mouse wheel you can scroll up and down the list of inventory items, as explained in the "Screen and controls" section.

If the action you are doing requires of an amout of items to eat, drink or destroy, an amount selection window will open. You can enter the amount in the keyboard, or use the '+' and '-' buttons or the mouse wheel to change the amount in steps of 1 unit.


Some items show in the item description the "NO MORE" and/or "NO GIVE" attribute.

NO MORE item: it means that you can only have ONE item like this one, in the onventory or in the locker. There can be more items like this one in other player's hands, but if you try to get another one you will not be able to take it. Even in a trade, manufacturing items or questing you wont get it.

NO GIVE item: it means that the item, once in your hands, can't be dropped, traded or given to anyone. These items can only be left in the locker, given for questing, used for tradeskilling or destroyed.


Your character has a limit in the total weight of items that can be carried. You can see such a limit, and the amount of weight you are currently carrying, in the character profile. The maximum load is calculated depending on your level, so it will grow everytime you level up.

You can also increase your weight capacity by carrying some bags designed for that. There are two types of bags: for your locker and your weight. Just carry those for weight.

To run in any action just double click. If you are below the maximum weight the character will run to the target of the action. To run much faster you will have to use a speed potion, so a speed icon will pop besides the character profile.

If you are BELOW the maximum weight
you can run normally and, with a speed potion, run faster.

If you are ABOVE the maximum weight you can´t run, so the character will only walk. By using a speed potion, the character will be able to run, but at normal running speed only.

If you are carrying DOUBLE of the maximum weight you can't walk normally, so the character will be walking very slow. Using a speed potion your character will walk normally, but nor run or run fast.

Whenever you carry more than double the maximum weight, you won't be able to take any more itemsfrom anyone or anywhere. The only expception is when the item is given to you by a NPC o made by you with tradeskilling. You can raise your weight limit by carrying bags, backpacks or suitcases, and by leveling up too.

Below 50% of your HEALTH level your character will always walk very slow, dragging its feet, regardless of your weight or the effects of a speed potion.


There are more than 2.500 different items un the game world, classified by the following types:

  • MONEY : There is only a money itemin your inventory, that shows the amount of money you are carrying. You can transfer money between your locker and your inventory, or give money to other players in a trade or a draw.

    If you carry money with you, you will lose a part of this money when another player defeat you in combat. The money in the gave doesn't weight, so you won't end up dragging your feet even if you become insanely rich.


    • Bladed : Weapons that pierce, slash, cut and the like.

    • Blunt : Blunt items that can be used to smash the enemy.

    • Distance : Fire arms and other projectile weapons. All of them require a specific ammunition, that's specified in the weapon's profile, and that you must carry on the inventory to be able to use the weapon.

      Some weapons can produce RAGE on enemy NPCs. Whenever a NPC is in rage with you, you will become the primary target of the NPC's attacks. Moreover, some weapons can be broken when used. In the weapon's profile you can see the probabilities of breaking the weapon in combat. It is possible that sometimes your attack become a BLUNDER. That means that your attack is so lousy and clumsy that you end up hitting yourself with your weapon. Other weapons can give you sometimes a DOUBLE TURN when attacking, so you have the chance to make double the attacks in that turn. That's not the same that a DOUBLE ATTACK, that's an automatic skill that repeats the last attack you just did. (see Addendum: Character skills).

  • PROTECTION : There are seven different kinds of protection pieces, one for every parto of your body en the EQUIPMENT window of your character's profile.

    To equip a protection piece, just double click on the piece in your inventory. If you already are wearing a protection piece in that slot, it will be removed and left in your inventory in order to equip the new piece you just double clicked. To remove a piece go to you equipment and double click on the piece.

    Some protection pieces can have special bonuses against some kinds of weapons, absorb damage at the beginning of the combat (effectively giving you more health), protect you against stunning or bombs.

  • SPECIAL : An special item can't be used neither from the inventory nor in a fight. This kind of items use to be quest items, components for tradeskilling, and items given or required by some NPCs.

    In this kind of items there are the lock pincking items (see Addendum: Character skills). For example, the picklocks, some kinds of door keys, and electronic cards, required to open some doors in the game.

  • FOOD : Food to carry in your inventory and to eat, by doble clicking on it in your inventory, to recover your health.

  • MEDICINE : Medicines to heal yourself, if you have First Aid skill. Taken just like the food after a combat, with the possibility to use them even during a combat.

  • SPRAY : Chemical sprays that can be applied on yourself or on other fighters during combat, if you have the First Aid skill. Usually sprays can restore health, powerup some character stats or lowering them.

  • EXPLOSIVE : Bombs items can be used in combat to damage all the enemies at once. They can be used only by some characters (See the Addendum: Offences)

A bomb is dropped over a primary target, alwas explodes, never blunders and all the members of the target's side with be damaged by the explosion, but less than the primary target. The bombs make NPCs very very angry, so you better think about it before dropping a bomb on top of a bunch of NPCs that will get mad at you. Any enemy that's much higher than you in level will not be affected by the explosion.

  • AMMUNITION : A specific ammunition is required by every distance weapon. You won't be able to use a distance weapon in combat unless you are carrying the required ammunition.

  • READABLE : These are items like books and documents, and can be read from the inventory by double clicking on them.

    Many books contain the secrets for tradeskilling, so there are books specific for cooking, sewing, mechanics, chemistry and jewelry. There are so many "recipes" that you will surely need a lot of paper and pencil.

  • COMBINATOR These items can combite other items in them. By double clicking on such a combinator, a special screen will open to handle and combine the items in your inventory.

  • BAG : These items can give you more weight capacity to your character, or more room capacity to your locker.

    The maximum weight of your character is shown in your character's profile. With some bags, backpacks and suitcases, that use to be "NO MORE" items, that maximum weight will get higher.


    • Pants : This item will change the pants of your character.

    • Shirts : This one changes the aspect of the shirt of your character.

      Whenever a gang leader puts on clothes, those clothes will become the gang's uniform by clicking on the SET UNIFORM button in the gang info screen. The gang members that aren't wearing any clothes will display the gang's uniform, instead of the default aspect of the character.


The locker in your cell is the place where to store the items you don't want to carry around, because they weight too much or just because they are of no use for you yet.

To open the locker just click on it in your cell. Even if other players share the same cell with you, your locker is completely unique to you, and no other character in the whole game can access your items. Other players sharing the cell will open their very own locker when clicking on the cell's locker. If you enter any other player's cell, you won't be able to open the locker at all.

Once in the locker screen, storing/getting items from it is as easy as clicking on the item you want to move to the other side, so clicking on an item in you inventory will move it to the locker, and clicking on an item in the locker will move it to you inventory.

Your locker has a limited capacity, specified below the items list. The capacity is in SLOTS, or stacks, so 15 spoons will use the same space than 1000 spoons, as they are all stacked in one slot. Not all items are stackable, the locker screen will stack the items whenever possible while moving them from the inventory. If you need more capacity for your locker you will have to get some bags that will display "Locker capacity" in the item's profile. Whenever you want to use a bag in the locker, press the BAGS button in the locker screen. A list of all the bags you are using in the ocker will be shown, keeping in mind that only a maximum of 8 bags can be placed in the locker. To see the actual items in the locker press the ITEMS button.

The FILTER button in the locker screen will let you set a filter for the locker items to be displayed in the list, a very useful feature to find the item you are looking for. To see all the items again use the "ALL TYPES" filter.

  Chapters: How to Play
Stay tuned for new sections added!
Main interface and Controls | The Prison and your Inmates | Main Action Buttons
The Chat System and Contact List | Character Profile | Your inventory and Locker
The Prison Gangs | The Fight Screen | ADDENDUMS

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