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  Chapters: How to Play
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Main interface and Controls | The Prison and your Inmates | Main Action Buttons
The Chat System and Contact List | Character Profile | Your inventory and Locker
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The prison is divided in zones and areas. A zone is what you actually see in your screen, that is, the room you are in.

Areas surround one or more zones and you will learn how to recognize them just by moving around the prison and seeing how an area is represented by a map cell (see Addendum: The Prison Map). The walk-in cooler is a zone (a room), but surrounded in an area that includes the kitchen, the pantry and the walk-in cooler. Obviously, that area could be called the "kitchen area".

Most of the time, you will notice that you are crossing from an area to another area because the door you are crossing is metallic (to pass a door just click on it). When putting the mouse over a door you will see the name of the zone at the other side of the door. Whenever the door leads to another area, under the name of the zone you will see the cardinal point you are heading to (i.e. SOUTH), a good clue to move around the map.

Anyway, sometimes is much better to use the /follow command to stick on someone that knows the map better than you. To follow someone use the follow action button (see "action buttons" section).

There are different kinds of zones. Beside the clock in the chat console you will see the kind of zone you are in:

SAFE ZONE: Players can't attack between them, with or without the Shelter of the Guards. I.e. are safe zones the cellblocks and the lobbies. NPCs can't be attacked here either, and only will attack you if you try and fail stealing them.

DANGEROUS ZONE: Here NPCs can attack you, and can be attacked. If you refused the Shelter of the Guards, any other player that also did it, can attack you and be attacked by you. Most of the zones are of this kind.

ZONE WITHOUT TRANSPORT: This is a dangerous zone where it is impossible to use the safe-conducts (so nobody can transport another player to this zone). See Skills: Safe-Conduct.

ZONE WITHOUT GUARDS: This is an ugly kind of zone to be in. This is a full PvP zone, where any player can attack any other player, even having the Shelter of the Guards.


When you create your character you choose the prison and cellblock, but not the actual cell, that's assigned automatically.

In every prison there are 4 different cellblock areas, with 4 cellblocks each, one for every cardinal point (i.e. north cellblock, south cellblock, etc), and a central lobby that communicates the 4 cellblocks. Every cellblock has 4 floors of cells.

In your cell you will find your locker. That's where you can store anything you don't want to carry around. In the locker all your items are completely safe. Even when a cell is shared between players, when a player opens the locker, he is opening his very own locker, so even when the locker looks the same, there are actually a different locker for every character assigned to the cell. It is impossible that anyone can steal or touch anything in your locker. There is a detailed explanation in the "The inventory and the locker" section.

Your cell is identificed by:


I.e.: Cellblock 2 N, Cell 3 F,
that's North wing in cellblock area #2, Cell F in the 3rd floor

You can go back to your cell by yourself, or when you are defeated in combat. You can pay a nurse for the "stretcher service" instead of being dragged by the guards to your cell when you fall in combat. This way you can appear near the nurse when you are defeated in a fight.



Your cell, the cellblocks and the lobbies are safe zones. It means that players can't start any fight in there, apart from duels (see Addendum: Commands). Only NPCs can start fights in safe zones. Once a combat is already in progress you can join it as in any other kind of zone.


In the many zones of the prison there are devices and machines that you can use to combine items in them. For example, the oven in the kitchen is used to make stews, and the cupboard for storing stuff.

Just click on those elements whenever the mouse pointer turns into a wrench.

Then you will see the manipulation screen, looking very much like the exchange screen, where you can put the items you want to use from your inventory and then press COMBINE to get the result.


You can pick up stuff from several places in the environment, like trashcans, bookshelves and the like.

Just click on those elements when the mouse pointer turns into a hand.

A "searching bar" will appear, to show the time required to get something from there. At the end of the time there are chances that you managed to pick up something. Some elements can deliver more than one item.


You will see that your character has its name hovering over his head in yellow (thats the nick you chose when created the character). Around the feet of the char there is a yellow circle spinning and a red arrow always heading north.

You will recognize other people by its nick, that's printed usually in white, except for people in your gang (in blue), or the ones that you added to yout contacts list as enemies (in red) or as friends (in green). The usage of the contacts list is detailed in the "Chat and Contacts List" section.

Brand new characters always have the Shelter of the Guards, that's the rule of the game that avoids direct confrontation between players, so no other player will be able to attack you as long as you have the Shelter of the Guards.

To know if someone already refused the Shelter of the Guards you just have to look at the name. Around the name there will be a couple of red asterisks (i.e. *Jimmy*). To see a detailed explanation of the Shelter of the Guards and anything related see the Appendix: Shelter of the Guards section.

Non Player Characters (NPCs) are non-human characters controlled by the Prison servers.


The Non-Player Characters (name printed in grey) live inside the prison. Some of them will talk to us and others wont. The NPCs 'that can get things' are always at the same place (some of them will sell you stuff, others will have something to tell you), and other NPCs just lurk around the prison. You will be able to attack some of them, and others will attack you right away!

To know if you can talk with a NPC, put the mouse pointer on top of it without any action selected. If the mouse pointer turns into a speech bubble you can click on it to start a conversation.

Some NPCs are not always in the same zone. NPCs do move around the whole prison just like any player. You will soon learn how to avoid certain dangerous NPCs that lurk around some areas of the prison.

If you want to know something else about fighting with NPCs or with other players, take a look at the "the combat screen" section or at the Addendum: Experiencel and Level.

The aggressive NPCs won't attack again until 10 seconds later once we manage to escape from the combat.

  Chapters: How to Play
Stay tuned for new sections added!
Main interface and Controls | The Prison and your Inmates | Main Action Buttons
The Chat System and Contact List | Character Profile | Your inventory and Locker
The Prison Gangs | The Fight Screen | ADDENDUMS

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