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When your character reaches level 5 you can be recruited by a gang or create your own gang. To be in a gang is almost perentory in the prison. In a gang you can make friends to go "hunting", fight with bigger enemies, make difficult missions and you will have two additional chat channels, used with the /gang and /allied commands.

To be in a gang enables you to FOLLOW automatically any member of the gang. Once you use the /follow command, or the FOLLOW option in the gang menu, on a gang partner your character will follow him all around the prison, even passing doors. You can also FOLLOW someone being grouped. See Addendum: Grouping.

The /gang message command is useful for talking to all the gang members currently online in the server.

The /allied message command sends a message to all the gangs that are currently allied to your gang (such alliances are created by gang leaders in the gang screen).


The gang leader of an already formed gang can recruit anyone, with at least 5 levels and that's not already in a gang, just by beaing in the same zone than the player to be recruited and using the RECUIT action in the gang menu.

When the leader clicks on you with the recruit action, both of you will enter in the recuitment screen. The player to enter the gang will see if there is any recruitment fee to enter the gang, the number of gang members, etc.

Both the leader and the candidate to enter the gang must click on the accept to complete the recruitment process. After that, the new member in the gang has access to the gang screen, and can chat through the /gang and /allied channels.

Whenever you see other gang members, and if you didn't mark them as friends o enemies in the contact list, you will see them with the name tinted in BLUE. The name will be tinted in BLUE too in any kind of players list in the game.


To create a gnag and become a leader, you must go see the one that rules the roost in the prison. His name is Boris Bichkov and uses to be in one of the sports pavillions. Be careful, even if you can create a gang with just 5 levels, maybe you will have a hard time to reach there with such a low level.


All the gang members can open the gang info screen. Even this way, only the gang leader can operate all the controls of the screen.

  • PASS LEADERSHIP : The leader can always pass the leadership to any member of the gang. This way there can be recruitments and stuff even if the "natural leader" of the gang can't connect to the game.

  • LEAVE THE GANG : You must leave your gang to create another new gang or to become a member of another gang. All gang members can leave the gang anytime but the leader, that must pass the leadership to leave the gang without destroying it.

  • DESTROY THE GANG : A hard decision for a leader. At this point the gang will be completely dismissed and all gang members will lose the gang membership.

  • KICK : As a leader, you can kick anyone in the gang but yourself. Just click on the member you want to remove from the gang and click in the kick button.

  • CHANGE RANK: To change a gang member rank your character must have enough rank itself. Click on this button and a list of avaiblable ranks for the selected member will open for you to select the new rank.

  • SET UNIFORM : To set an uniform for the whole gang, the leader must put on the clothes of the uniform (it can be just the shirt, the pants or both pieces) and then click on this button. From now on the gang members not wearing clothes will show up the gang uniform.

Automatically, all the members of the gang not wearing clothes will show the gang uniform on their characters. If any member wants to look different from the rest of the gang it can put on other cloth pieces as usual. If a cloth piece is imbued by some kind of special bonuses or stats, even putting them on wont break the gang's uniform, so gang members can take advantage of "magical" clothes without losing the gang looks.


Using the /gangmotd command, a MOTD (Message Of The Day) can be set by the gang leader, so all gang members connecting the game will see the gang MOTD in the global chat console. The console will show the name of the member that changed the gang MOTD.

The only restriction for this gang MOTD is that in the event of a server restart, because of maintenance or major update, all the gang MOTDs are deleted. Very few updates require such a server restart.


Gang ranks are special titles given to gang members, that are displayed in the member's name inside and outside combats, so other players can see the prestige and power of that member in the gang.

LEADER: obviously, the gang leader can do anything with the gang, like recruiting, kicking, changing ranks, set the uniform, destroying the gang, etc. There can be only ONE leader in the gang, but that leadership can be passed to another member anytime. Only the LEADER can assign someone the BOSS rank.

BOSS: this rank can do just every thing that the leader can do but to destroy the gang, pass the leadership, or change anyone's rank to BOSS. Notice that whenever a gang leader passes leadership to another member, the former leader will become a boss automatically. There can be many bosses in the gang, there is no restriction in number of bosses. Only a BOSS (and the LEADER) can assign to another member the LIEUTENANT rank. A BOSS can't change the rank of any other BOSS.

LIEUTENANT: this one can recruit new gang members, but not kick anyone. A lieutenant can create alliances and change other member's rank to any of the standard ranks, but it has not enough power to make BOSSES or other LIEUTENANTS. This rank is mainly a "recruiter", so the leader can authorize a member to recruit people without having to give it someone too much power.

ROOKIE: this one is just like any other gang member, but it won't show up the gang's uniform at all.

BODYGUARD, BULLY, VETERAN, GANGSTAH, QUACK, PSYCHO: these are the standard ranks. These ranks have no powers or privileges inside the gang, and are given just to reward with prestige important members of the gang. Like in more powerful ranks, this rank will be shown in the member's name all the time. This way other gangs can see who's important and who's not in thet gang.

NONE: yes, a gang member can have no rank at all. In fact, all new members of the gang have no rank, so nothing will be shown in the member's name. Anyway, members with no rank DO SHOW the gang's uniform in their aspect.

  Chapters: How to Play
Stay tuned for new sections added!
Main interface and Controls | The Prison and your Inmates | Main Action Buttons
The Chat System and Contact List | Character Profile | Your inventory and Locker
The Prison Gangs | The Fight Screen | ADDENDUMS

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