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  Chapters: How to Play
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In the character profile there are all the different stats of the character, the STATS/SKILL screen, the current equipment you are wearing and the inventory.

SEE THE PROFILE : just click on the button at the top left corner of the screen or press CONTROL + 1 on the keyboard.

LEVEL : your current experience level. Other player can compare their level with yours by using the examine action (see "Action buttons").

CELL : your cell is identified by the cellblock numbre, the wing (north, south, east, west) and cell code (number and letter).

WEIGHT : the weight load your character is carrying in the inventory is represented by current weight and maximum weight.

The maximum weight doesn't depend of any attribute or stat, it only depends on your level. You can learn how weight load affects to your character in the "The inventory and the locker" section.

INTOXICATION : your character gets 'intoxicated' whenever eats food or receive the effects of medicines or chemical sprays. If the intoxication bar is full, your body won't be able to assimilate any more food or chemicals, so you can't eat or heal yourself / be healed, and an intoxication icon will show up beside your character profile or in the combat screen. To eliminate the intoxication you just have to rest and it will wear out with time.

HEALTH : the health bar displays your health points (or hitpoints). To the left you can see the current life point of your character. If the bar is below 50% your character will be weaker and walk fatigued. If your health reaches zero during combat, you lose the combat and respawn at your cell or, if you paid for it, in front of one of the infirmaries.

While your character is standing still it will recover health points, albeit very slowly, and lose intoxication. You can recover health points by eating or, if you have the first aid skill, by taking medicines. During combat you can be healed with chemical healing sprays.

STATS : usually the numbers are shown in white. Any stat that is shown in green instead means that this stat is being  affected from a bonus in something you are wearing (i.e. a shirt that gives +2 to STRENGTH).

A.P. (ACTION POINTS) : The action points are used only for combat. In combat, action points are the points that are spent in every combat action (attacking, healing, taunting, etc) depending on the action and the item used for that action. Thus, action points define how many "things" you can do every turn when fighting (see "combat screen" section). Your number of action points depend on your level and your offence.

EXPERIENCE BAR : Whenever your experience bar is filled your character will level up to the next level, so you can spend STAT and SKILL points in the STATS/SKILLS screen to evolve your character.

The yellow number is the experience is the accumulated experience for the current level. Every one of the four "squares" that form the complete bar represent 25% of the level experience. The thin line below the experience bar represent the portion of the current "square" already filled, so when the thin line is as long as the full experience bar means that the current "square" is full. To fully understand how experience and leveling works take a look at Appendix: Experience and Level.


By clicking on the EQUIPMENT button in the character profile all you will see all the equipped items on the character.

To equip an item from the inventory just double click on it. Once equipped, the character benefits from all the bonuses and stats of the item, ranging from protection (armor points) againts attacks in combat to bonuses to stats, skills, etc.

CLOTHES change the original appearance of your character. You can put on shirts and pants/skirts, just the same way protections are equipped, by double clicking on it.

If the slot for the item is already occupied by another item, this one will be automatically removed and put in your inventory prior to equip the new piece.

If you are in a gang and the leader defined a gang uniform your character will show that uniform unless you put on your own clothes. A special case is when your clothes have stats/skill bonuses. If you wear such clothes, your character will still show the gang's uniform, so you can put on special "magical" clothes without losing the gang's look (see "The gangs" section).


To access this screen just click on STATS/SKILLS button in the character profile window.

The STATS/SKILLS button will be surrounded by a yellow box flashing whenever you have points left to use in STATS or SKILLS, like when you just leveled up.

The skills will work much better the more points you spend on them. Otherwise, if you leave a skill far below its current level maximum, the skill will barely work, or wont work at all.

  Chapters: How to Play
Stay tuned for new sections added!
Main interface and Controls | The Prison and your Inmates | Main Action Buttons
The Chat System and Contact List | Character Profile | Your inventory and Locker
The Prison Gangs | The Fight Screen | ADDENDUMS

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