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We want to inform you, through the following list, the type of content you can expect on PrisonServer that you may consider inappropriate for you or your children:

Regarding the content you can find inside PrisonServer:

Alcohol and drugs: You'll find absolutely NO references to illicit drug use or depictions of illicit drugs or any accompanying paraphernalia, aside the offence "drug dealer" and "a bag of shit". This has been a self-applied staff rule during the making of the game.

Offensive Verbal Expression: There IS crude AND offensive language in this game. You can find it on quests, non-player characters conversations and players.

Violence: There ARE graphic AND depictions of violence, blood and gore in this game, althought it could be considered somehow light. There ARE also graphic AND depictions of torture, mutilation and sadism in form of game items and quests.

Sex: There ARE graphic and depictions of nudity and deciptions of sexual situations in this game, found on quests, non-player character conversations and some light nudity on player characters.

Sensitivity to Peoples Beliefs: There IS sacrilege in this game in form of peculiar priests and vergers with an odd sense of faith and curious motivations.

Please note that the PrisonServer game quests, conversations and the game itself is surrounded by hilarity regarding all of this content. You may laugh at it or not, we're just making sure you know what to expect about considering inappropiate content for you or your children.

--The PrisonServer Team

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