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50 last prisoners
came from:

US 17
GB 8
ES 1
LT 1
FR 3
SG 2
NL 2
AU 3
CA 4
DE 1
CY 1
LV 1
FI 2
MY 1
PH 1
IT 1
ID 1


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To start playing in PrisonServer you'll need:
  1. A game account (login & password). Need one? You can create a free account now.

  2. Install the game on your PC. You can easily downlad & install the latest version.

Downloading the PrisonServer Game Client:
Maximum speed & resume support

Option a) Use our download manager: Click the package below. A window will appear asking you what to do: just click Run or Execute button.


Downloader (167 KB)

Option b) The nice guys at GamersHell.com have mirrored
the game-client from Europe, USA & Asia, just select your location from this gamershell.com download page.

Option c) GameZone has kindly added PrisonServer to their files. To download the client from them you can go to

The full download, including the latest game updates, is 300 megabytes aproximately.

Using a 1 Mbit cable or ADSL connection you'll be ready to play on around 1 hour. Please remember the game servers are NOT ready to play YET.

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