Unveiling the New Campaign Casinos

unveilingFor the first time in contemporary history, any citizen above the age of 18 can place legal money wagers on politics as approved by the federal regulators. This new and quickly rising market for political betting together with the explosive multi-billion dollar sports betting industry have raised a lot of eyebrows about the quick spread of betting markets especially those purely based on online platforms, that have scanty rules to prevent the possibility of insider trading.

We cannot deny the fact that most of the best political speculators are political aficionados and junkies who win big money on a regular basis depending on the political event or candidate they bet on. But many online political betting platforms also allow people with the insider knowledge of upcoming future events such as candidate aides, campaign pros and even pollsters, to participate as well which often leads to big wins for them.

Most online political betting firms don’t guard against insider trading though some bar their employees from taking part in any trade on the website. Taking an example of PredictIt, an online political gambling site was launched in 2014, over 9.4 million dollars have been traded to date, stemming from all sorts of predictions such as whether the next U.N. Sec-Gen is likely to be a woman to whether the Republicans are going to hold the Senate to the most recent, whether Donald Trump is going to win the US presidency or if it is going to be Hillary Clinton.

So many people have hit the jackpot with the new crop of campaign casinos. The key is studying the political mood and understanding the odds as well as all the factors affecting the odds. This way, a person will be able to state the outcome with surety also based on past political events.