The Golden Rules of Gambling

the-golden-rules-of-gamblingOne of the largest misconceptions in gambling is that a person can’t change their fate when it comes down to the wire but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Fate, if it exists, plays a very small role on a gambling outcome. It all comes down to the right strategy.

Never wager what you cannot afford to lose

This is probably a no brainer but you’d be surprised at the number of people who forget this the moment they get into the game. This includes money meant for your monthly bills and what you need for your daily upkeep.

Gambling is a fun activity and should remain so, but this is not possibly if you’ll be constantly worrying about losing your house or your car. Don’t also consider borrowing money in order to gamble. Such habits are what lead to an irresistible compulsion that can later lead to gambling addiction.

Never chase losses

Many a gambler is guilty of this; that sneaky temptation to go for one more spin with the thought that a win is surely in sight. Gambling is not about a reward coming through, each spin or turn of cards is independent of the previous round or the next. You should aim to play in the moment.

Have a great understanding of variance

Variance or probability lets a player know their chance of deviating from the casino’s edge. Low variance games are a good choice for someone out to have some fun on the slots and out to have fun. For you to play high variance games such as the lottery, you need to have quite a huge bankroll to improve your chances of winning big.

The important thing is staying within your limits and playing for fun. Don’t make gambling a life or death habit. It’s never that serious, unless it’s your profession!